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Freerider 2 is an addicting line drawing, racing game where you are the artist and game developer. You draw color tracks, and create your own levels to share with friends. Unlike most flash games online, the levels and tracks in freerider 2 are completely user created. You can create your own flash games with freerider 2. Draw fast racing levels, place checkpoints and goals, get comments and ratings from other gamers. You can draw online with your drawing tablet computer. You can edit your friends tracks and post them on facebook with the interactive freeriding app. Now freerider 2 is in color, and you can draw colored lines with preset colorcodes or even custom hex codes. This game is similar to the game "linerider". You can also download the free rider 2 color swf file using the download link on the left menu. Create a track with powerups and boosts, and use exploding bombs on the map! Ride a wheeled vehicle through your own level such as a BMX, mountain bike, ATV, monster truck, and more fun and creative vehicles!

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 How to Play Free Rider

Free Rider is a simple, but a challenging game to play, based on the popular Line Rider. Requiring a little more skill and practice, you control your bike by leaning forward or backward. With this additional control, you'll find yourself flipping, spinning, and cruising over trails, streets, and gaps in no time! You'll be able to find some simple tracks for beginner levels in our assortment of tracks by difficulty.




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